Please note that this historic building is still a religious place of worship and is Grade ll listed and set within a residential area.


• Performances, exhibitions, workshops, talks of all kinds. Almost anything.

• Events – launches, corporate.

• Filming for TV, video, film,


The ground floor room which is 5m x 5m x 5m

or The gardens (the steps acts as a stage)

You do not have access rights the rest of the tower.

Note: Conditions may change according to the nature and length of hire.

In some circumstances (filming) we can give extended access to other parts of the building.


If performances are indoors or outdoors you may not need a music license – a TEN (Temporary Event Notice).


Please respect the neighbours. Music or noise cannot go beyond 11pm Sun – Thursday and no later than12pm on Fri or Sat.



The user of the venue is responsible for:

– avoiding any damage to the fabric (especially the angels heads and religious icons).

– security – room must be locked up afterwards and never left open and unoccupied. Note, sometimes there are some dubious characters who hang about the gardens so be careful leaving valuables about.

– switching off all electrical appliances and lights upon leaving.


Nothing may be fixed to the stone work.

No exposed naked flames.  Nothing that could be classed as a fire risk. There’s a lot of wood!

Please leave the room clean and tidy, and stack chairs away afterwards.

Visitors must not walk on the garden areas as this causes damage to plants. Please keep to paths.



The venue can be used for any reasonable event but nothing that can be called blasphemy, pornographic, incites hatred or violence or exploits people as it is still a religious place of worship. It is not available to hire for pop videos fro gothic rock bands.



Electrical power – this is only domestic 13amp system.

Lighting – there are 3 powerful uplighters.

There is no running water or toilet facilities.

We had an arrangement with the Great Northern Railway Tavern or the Island cafe to use facilities.

Electric heaters in winter.



There is access through the main gate and a tarmac area a van can be parked for loading/unloading. Note: cars can legally park outside the gate at certain times, blocking your exit. So if you park up make sure you put bollards on the parking space outside the gates.



Visitors must not walk or sit on the garden areas )grass is ok) as this causes damage to plants. Please keep to paths.

Visitors must not walk or sit on any gravestones.

All litter must be cleared up after any event.

The gardens provides a natural venue for summer events, the steps makes a great stage. Acoustics in the area are excellent as the trees dampen any echo. You also do not need a loud PA.




This is only available upon request. Keys will be provided for those hiring the tower.



Even though the church has Public Liability Insurance and general insurance, anyone using the venue should have their own Public Liability Insurance.


The church cannot be held responsible for any damage of theft of personal items.




The venue cannot be hired by under 18s without an adult supervising. It is not available for private parties.

The church reserves the right to deny use or terminate an use if it feels it is being misused, abused or causes serious disturbance to local residents.

No drugs can be used, within the building or gardens.

No smoking is permitted within the venue or tower.

Alcohol cannot be sold without a licence.

It is not available as a practice room for bands or martial arts.

Sorry, but it is not available for civil weddings.



When referring to the venue please refer to it as

The Intimate Space at St Mary’s Tower, Hornsey, N8.



You will need a key that unlocks both locks on the main door (you will need to pull in the handle as it can be stiff).



Chris Arnold – 07778 05 66 86 vichris@me.com

101 Rathcoole Gardesn, N8 9PH.

Father Bruce Batstone – 020 8444 3553   frbrucehornseyparishchurch@gmail.com