A small team of unpaid local volunteers have been working hard on renovating the inside of the tower. We finally have finished and the space is now available for use.

The ceiling proved a big challenge and took a month longer than planned. The walls had to all be scrapped off by hand – which is  a very slow job. We had to sand down all the wood, treat woodworm, stain and varnish.

There’s still one small project left – we want to replace the panelling under the window and install a small bench but we will need sponsorship.

We’ve put some new standing lamps in as well. Plus a vacuum cleaner.

And now there’s also a PA system and a T-Bar LED lighting system.

The cost of works was paid by Creative Orchestra.

Thanks to HSS for the equipment, especially the tower, and the discount. And to Chris Stevens paint shop on Holloway road for discounts. And to the Islands cafe for giving us great coffee.